Business Improvement

Multiple aspects can affect the customer experience - everything from the attitudes of staff to retail design. Seiri can help you improve aspects of your business which will in turn improve the overall customer and brand experience.

Whatever it is that is getting in the way of customer satisfaction, we can help you implement business improvements that perhaps you would not have the resources to arrange in-house.

Has your latest survey shown that customers are becoming less satisfied with the customer service provided to them? We can help you build a more customer-focused culture through customer service training. Or is it that you've had feedback that opening hours need to be reviewed and changed? In which case we can speak to customers and find out what would be better.

How we work

Seiri can either work on individual improvement projects, or can even advise companies on totally reviewing and rebuilding the customer experience, starting from scratch.

An overhaul of your customer experience could form part of a wider rebranding project. In addition to a new brand identity and new brand communications, a rebrand may involve targeting a new market or introducing new products and services.

Customer Experience Design and Improvement

All business improvements are likely to impact customer's perceptions of their experience. As such, business improvement directly relates to customer experience design and improvement.

It is recommended that following any improvement project you measure customer attitudes, through customer research, to see how they have evolved over time and to see which changes have been most beneficial to your business and have demonstrated a return on investment.

Our business improvement services include:
  • Management Consultancy
  • Customer Service Training
  • Customer Loyalty Schemes
  • Service Design
  • Business Strategy & Policy Documents
  • Business Process Management (BPM) & Process Changes
  • Retail Design
  • Customer Outreach & Engagement Programmes
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