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Every interaction a customer has with a business or other organisation is important. It can help to shape how they perceive you. That's why businesses are increasingly focusing on managing the experience provided to customers.

Finding out what customers want and delivering that can result in increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention, which has an impact on how much money they spend with you. An improved experience can also help you differentiate your brand from competitors.

Seiri helps businesses to both understand their customers better & use these insights to deliver an improved experience. We are one of very few dedicated customer experience agencies and brand experience agencies operating in the United Kingdom - and it's the first of its kind in Wales.

What our clients say

Case Study: Pinnacle Letting Agents

With three branches across South Wales, Pinnacle Letting Agency has thousands of people rent houses through them each year - but as a growing business they did not have the time and resources to carry out research about their customers in-house. They also valued the importance of independent research.

After contracting Seiri to do research, the company now understands its customers better. As a result of the research, Pinnacle has made a number of changes, some of which Seiri also helped with. These changes include customer service training for staff and a new welcome booklet for tenants - the latter of which has not only managed to make the moving in process smoother but also led to better expectation management.

Our services

All of our solutions are bespoke and are tailor-made to suit the needs of your business, but we offer two main types of service.

Customer Research

Understanding your customer base is important, whether that be current, past or even potential customers. Seiri can help you collect accurate data about customers, through research, as well as help you to measure how customers view the experience you provide.

    Services include:
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Focus Groups
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Business Improvement

Multiple aspects can affect the customer experience - everything from the attitudes of staff to retail design. Seiri can help you improve aspects of your business which will in turn improve the overall customer and brand experience.

    Services include:
  • Customer Service Training
  • Customer Loyalty Schemes
  • Service Design
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