Predictive Analytics

Seiri has entered into an exciting partnership with American company, Contemporary Analysis, and become the exclusive UK supplier of their predictive analytics solutions.

Seiri is now partnered with Contemporary Analysis to provide you with the next step in improving the customer experience -- Predictive Analytics. Predictive Analytics uses data science and modeling to find patterns and trends inside of your customer data, then helps you explore those patterns for insights and intuition that enables you to be proactive in your interactions with your customers. Predictive Analytics can help you:

Trend Analysis:​You will be able to use Predictive Analytics to Identify the significant characteristics of the clients your current marketing and sales processes are attracting. This will allow you to access whether your current marketing and sales is attracting the clients you want.

Customer Scoring:​Predictive Analytics will give you the ability to know what product or service each customer is most likely to purchase next. When deployed inside of a customer service call center, this means that each call center employee can recommend a product or service the customer actually would be interested to hear more about.

Marketing and Sales Targeting:​Predictive Analytics will give you for the first time the ability to target individuals for products or services. This means less wasted marketing, higher hit rates, and higher close ratios. This is because we will be sending the only the interested customers marketing they are interested in.

Cross­Sales: Customers to customer's Inside of your information is a wealth of knowledge about when customers age out of products, what triggers additional sales, and even what causes them to leave. With Predictive Analytics, you can now have proactive outbound cross sales campaigns designed to help the customer stay in the right product, achieve 2nd sales at the right moment, and even save customers through proactive Loyalty campaigns.

Loyalty:​One of the advantages of using predictive analytics to model customer experience is that you can now know who is most likely to leave before they leave. This means you still have a chance to save them and increase the your customer lifetime value.

Adding Predictive Analytics to the Customer Experience Solutions provided by Seiri will help you attract better customers, retain them longer, and increase your Net Promoter Score and your Customer Lifetime Value.

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About Contemporary Analysis:


Contemporary Analysis uses data, science, and math to unlock key trends and understandings inside your data and then structures them as actionable intelligence. No one needs another report!

Our solutions are used by fast­growing technology companies, billion dollar conglomerates, state and local governments, political campaigns, as well as small­ and medium­sized businesses.

Our clients are in a variety of industries including construction, insurance, education, healthcare, government, not­for­profit, software and engineering. We understand that each organization has unique characteristics and we work to understand and apply your data in the most efficient and effective ways possible for you.

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